Money and Happiness

Money and Happiness

Does money buy happiness? Experts will tell you “no, of course not,” but according to a new survey, 90 percent of the top 1 percent of U.S. household income earners—those who earn $500,000 per year or more—claim to be “completely” or “very” satisfied with their lives overall. 

If money doesn’t buy happiness, then what’s going on here?

The Difference Between Wealth and REAL WEALTH

The 1 percent that are completely or highly satisfied with their lives are embodying what I call “living in a state of REAL WEALTH” rather than just a state of monetary wealth. Monetary wealth is unsustainable in terms of supplying happiness since it relies entirely on external factors to provide fulfillment. REAL WEALTH is deeply satisfying since it goes much deeper than that.

Real wealth has nothing to do with how much income or assets you have, but rather it’s a state of being. Real wealth is about your lifestyle, perspective, mindset, and ensuring that all of these things are in alignment with who you truly are and what you deeply want. If you love your job, accept reality, and are able to be your authentic self in all that you do, then you’re embracing a life of REAL WEALTH.

People who don’t have a lot of money or assets tend to believe that if they had more of these external things, they would be happier. In my experience, however, this never happens. Money can’t provide happiness since what people are yearning for is to feel whole and fulfilled internally. And nothing external will ever satisfy these kinds of needs and desires.

That has to come from within.

How to Achieve Real Wealth and Happiness

So, 90 percent of the 1 percent are completely or highly satisfied with their lives. That’s a huge number when compared to the 66 percent of middle-income households—classified by those earning $35,000 to $99,000 per year—and the 44 percent of low-income households—which are classified as those earning less than $35,000 per year. I would say that the level of satisfaction in these people’s lives isn’t dependent on the money they make but rather on how aligned they are with themselves and their desires.

People who find success do so by practicing extreme self love and self care, working towards what they deeply want that’s in alignment with their soul.

If you’re seeking happiness, don’t chase after external attractions. You’ll only distract yourself and miss out on your amazing potential. Instead, listen to what you deeply want and need in order to raise your vibration to attract more REAL wealth into your life. 

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How You Speak Affects Your Finances

How You Speak Affects Your Finances

Have you heard the research from the universities of Chicago and Munich? If you have a regional accent, then it’s likely you could be earning a fifth less than your colleagues with neutral accents. This is huge news for anyone who cares about their financial potential!

The way you speak has a direct effect on your current finances and your earning potential… but wait. I recommend taking this a step farther than just polishing your accent and really dive deep into how you speak.

How Do You Speak?

Have you ever paid attention to the way you speak? Maybe you take time to think about what you say before you say it in a business meeting or job interview, making sure you select the right words so you communicate clearly and effectively, but have you thought about it any deeper than that? Obviously you understand that the way you communicate in certain situations can have an impact on the outcome of that situation, but what else can your words impact?

I never used to think overly much about how I spoke. I didn’t ask myself if the way I was speaking was genuine for me rather than how I’d been raised and convinced to speak. I didn’t examine my words to see if they built me up or tore me down. I didn’t really take the time to think if I was speaking like me, presenting myself accurately, or inviting what I really wanted through my words.

I didn’t yet understand what a huge impact my words have on my life.

Words Have Energy and Power

The meaning of the words we say create and reinforce our beliefs, driving our behavior, and ultimately creating the world around us. Our words set the stage for our future, since what we say makes a difference in what happens next.

Think about it. When quantum physics was first discovered, we learned that physical matter doesn’t actually exist. Everything around us is just energy moving at different states of vibrations. Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, once said, “Atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities, rather than one of things or facts.”

Life itself is more of an energy flow than the physical, logical place so many of us would like to make it. That means that being aware of that energy flow—how we affect it and how it affects us—is imperative to creating the life we want.

Harness Your Power

The emotions you feel, the choices you make, and the words you breathe into existence all have a frequency and a power. These things all have an effect on how you move forward. The cool part is that you can reframe a situation and set the stage for the life you want all by determining what you put out into the world. Rather than letting emotions, decisions, and words flow through you without thinking about it, you can harness their energy and determine where they go.

If you keep repeating the same defeated phrases, you allow yourself to duplicate old bitter mistakes since you’re trapping yourself in a disingenuous, negative mindset. When you start speaking words with positive energetic vibrations, however, making choices that are aligned with your inner self and proceeding with a positive perspective, you’re setting yourself up for success and inviting good into your life.

And this will change everything.

How Are You Speaking?

Yes, research shows that having a regional accent could have a negative affect on your finances, but don’t stop there. Pay attention to more than just polishing your pronunciation and really dive deep into how you speak. What are you saying? What are you inviting? Who are you presenting to the world? Don’t be afraid to make a change.

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Health and Wealth: Is There a Correlation

Health and Wealth: Is There a Correlation

While the number of zeros in your bank account certainly aren’t the only determiner of your quality of life, the direct correlation between one’s health and wealth can’t be ignored. While Americans at any income level are statistically less healthy than those with a higher income, wealth includes more than just your paycheck.

It also includes your net worth, assets, and abundance of valuable possessions and experiences in life. Your wealth has a direct affect on your health in such a way that you might be harming yourself if you ignore it. The greater your wealth, the lower your likelihood of disease, premature death, and countless other health concerns.

But what is wealth?

A dear friend, and self love expert, Christine Arylo reminded me of the actual definition of wealth. If you look up the word wealth in the dictionary the original root meaning of the word was happiness. In the 1700’s, the definition changed. Wealth definition became “the accumulation of money”. This was happening at the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was all about consuming and accumulating. Hmmmm…interesting! The second root meaning of wealth is shown on is that wealth is modeled on our health. So our wealth is related to wellness. Which is exactly my point.

It’s time to awaken your wealth so you can reach your greatest happiness and health potential.

The Problem

Something I always say is we either work things out… or we act them out. Either we pay close attention to ourselves and our needs in order to help keep ourselves aligned with our deeper purpose… or we act out in our lives in unhealthy ways. If we are in misalignment with the destiny of our lives, then we have no choice but to act out this misallocation. It’s the nature of humanity, and it applies to both our health and wealth.

The problem starts because we’ve all been raised to track things logically and to do things in the way our parents and grandparents did them rather than to listen to ourselves and what we truly need. If we’re not paying attention to or chasing after our desires, our purpose, and our direction, then we have no choice but to act out on something that isn’t quite right.

Believe me, in my life, I’ve been the QUEEN of misalignment. There were times in my life filled with frustration and an idealization of perfectionism, where I was utterly exasperated that things weren’t going my way. My wealth wasn’t where I thought it should be, and neither was my health, and it drove me crazy.

I thought I was working hard to correct these things and make my life perfect, but what I’ve come to realize is that I was blocking myself from what was really going on. I wasn’t trying to work things out by exploring my emotions and desires. I was simply acting out on all that was happening around me because this is all I knew how to do.

And it was horrible.

Let’s Use an Example

If we don’t give ourselves the space to work out our issues, then they won’t get worked out. We’ll continually be trapped in a cycle of acting on what we know, leading to worse situation after worse situation until it gets bad enough that we must demand the space to get to the bottom of the issue. We can all shift before we create a crisis in our lives that will force the shift.

Let’s take a second to apply this whole idea to health and wealth.

In the United States, the personal savings rate was about 8.8 percent in 2018 (compared to 10.4 percent in the 1960s). For personal savings, that amounted to just over 1.2 trillion United States dollars in the fourth quarter of 2018. When these statistics are compared to China, an interesting difference is revealed.

China had a savings rate of 47 percent in 2017. It ranks among the top three in over 170 countries monitored by the World Bank in terms of financial saving. Now, “savings” is made up of the difference between income and spending, so clearly, the United States has something to learn about saving money!

It’s truly fascinating, however, that China is a country with a savings rate nearly 40 percent higher than the United States’… but they’re the ones battling the coronavirus. While the United States battles a debt crisis and huge consumer spending, the people of China are fighting through an influx of illness.

Issues with health and wealth abound in both of these situations because people in both countries aren’t dealing with their real issues. They’re continually burying their problems with spending, blocking their needs and compromising their health, and so much worse.


We need to uncover the real emotional reasons behind why you’re burying and blocking yourself in order to make forward, healthful progress. Don’t settle for a cycle of unhealthy patterns. It’s time to awaken your wealth and put a stop to this pattern of self destruction. Follow my PACT system so you have no more acting out and live a life of Real Wealth.


It’s time to Launch your life

It’s time to Launch your life

We, as logical humans, can get so caught up in preparation.

We want to be ready and fully prepared in order to avoid mistakes and failures, so we spend a lot of time getting ready… but do you know how much time you waste getting ready to be ready? You get readier than you need to be, avoid mistakes that don’t need to be avoided, and soon you’re the chief of overprepared! While this might make you think yourself into feeling better, it might be stunting your progress and growth.

The Problem With Over-Preparedness

Don’t get me wrong, preparedness is a great thing. God knows in my life, I’ve been WELL overprepared! In this world of information with lists of how-tos, to-dos, and to-avoids, there is always something more to learn… which is a recipe for insanity if we get sucked in. Answers to practically any question ever asked is a simple internet search away, making the amount of education available incredibly overwhelming. If we aren’t careful, we will feel lost in our lack of information which does nothing but distract from the good we could be doing in these moments.

There is always more information that could be gained, yes, but that in no way means you need all of that information to thrive. You can’t plan the outcome of everything.  Life will unfold the way life is meant to unfold. You can’t prepare for the unexpected. So maybe you shouldn’t let yourself get trapped in a cycle of gaining more and more information.  Detach from the outcome and just simply live your life and do your best.

Because here, in this cycle, you can’t move forward.

Try trusting yourself instead, actually listen to what your heart is telling you… and dare to take action.

You Should Take Action

So while being prepared is good, and planning out action can be smart, you have to be careful not to let your desire to be prepared steal from the importance of staying true to yourself and taking genuine action. Overpreparing can cloud your ability to act in a way that’s in alignment with your inner peace since it puts so much emphasis on what you think is correct rather than what you feel is right and good.

If you’re unable to connect with yourself inwardly, you’ll be unable to take action that’s aligned with your needs and desires. And if this is the case, you’re preparation means nothing. A focus on preparation puts the needs and desires of your heart on the back burner. 

This is why I say: you have learned enough. It’s time to take your action and create the life you desire.

I know that might sound scary. When I first started my business, my type A personality was more like AAA+++. Everything had to be perfect and planned before any forward progress was made. My perfectionist was certainly running my life.  I was convinced of it. Looking back, I realize that this yearning for preparation was closely tied to overthinking and a need for perfection, which was directly linked to a total waste of time.

It actually went back to my childhood.  When I was a child, things were crazy. Second oldest of twelve children, I became a “mom” to my siblings at a very young age and the way I coped with it, was getting everything together and this is where my perfectionist developed and today its not serving me so well.  It’s actually become a limitation to living my desired life.

There will always be things to learn. Proceed anyway. You can’t possibly learn everything, and if you wait until you do, then you’ll wait forever. Get busy living or get busy dying. You don’t need to learn everything to succeed. Trust your gut, celebrate your mistakes, and learn deeply from every path you go down. You are the creator of your life.

How to Stop Preparing and Take Action

So how do you be sure you have what preparation you need without getting stuck in a loop of distracting preparedness? How do you actually trust your gut? Here are some steps to help:

  • Remove your performance-based mentality

Often, when we have a need to overprepare, we simultaneously struggle with a need to present ourselves as the expert and perform perfectly. You feel as though if your performance is anything less than perfect, you have failed or disappointed. Accept the fact that you are perfect just the way you are, don’t need to change any of it, and simply must do your personal best. Which might mean doing the unexpected or making changes for what your heart deeply desires.

  • Learn from the experience

Something that continually holds people back and causes them to think they need to prepare more is in the thinking that all the learning must (or can) be done ahead of time. This simply isn’t the case. Experts don’t become experts because they did a lot of research ahead of time. They become experts because they took action, made mistakes, learned from their mistakes, and took more action, and all along, they trusted their gut. Without the moving towards what you desire, you only limit your learning.

  • Understand that other people can learn from you

If all you do is prepare, then you limit your opportunities for growth. You stifle your desires under piles of logical thinking. You pigeon-hole yourself and you don’t allow your creativity and innovation to flow in the moment.  You gain knowledge when you prepare, yes, but not as much as you would learn when paired with heartfelt action. Additionally, you cannot share the wealth you’re learning with others if you never move forward or are unwilling to pursue your desires. When you take action towards your dreams, others can watch and learn from you. They can learn from your successes, your failures, and your ability to persevere. Without a willingness to act, learning stops.

So What are You Waiting For?

There is importance in preparation, but there is freedom and learning in action and soul searching. Don’t prepare so well that you forget what else is necessary, and don’t be afraid of where action can take you. If you’re ready to dig deep into the action your heart desires, it might be time we met. Let’s figure out exactly what’s holding you back in your rotation of preparation so we can set you free.

Who’s Ready to Work Hard and Play Hard?

Who’s Ready to Work Hard and Play Hard?

Did you raise your hand and scream, “I AM!

If you’re like most of us, before you can have fun and shake your sillies out, you probably feel like you need to squeeze in a few more minutes of work before you play. With your computer screen, phablet, tablet, or smartphone always on and filled with things to do, it’s hard to unplug and break away.

And of course, if you do get away from your job responsibilities, you may still need to pick up the kids, help with homework, cook dinner, wash clothes, check the mail and pay some bills. Phew!

If that describes you, then you, my friend, have joined the American cult of “Work Yourself Ragged.” The problem is, being exhausted and not taking time to refresh diminishes your creativity, and cuts into your productivity. And that can cost you money.

I know, because once upon a time I was more raggedy than Ann and Andy put together! (You know, the dolls? Okay, that’s a bad joke, but they are cultural icons and me and my sister had one of each when we were kids. Anyway . . .)

When I started my business, my type A personality was more like AAA+++. I was fully plugged into my belief that I had to constantly drive HARD to get ahead in this all go, no stop world.

I was COMPLETELY focused on serving my clients and making money for them and me. This was great, but I later realized that I was leaving money on the table. I didn’t understand that without a little fun, I could not be fully tuned into my client’s needs or my own. I spent a lot of time recreating the wheel because I didn’t slow down enough to relax, take a break, and get into the flow – that spot where problem-solving is easy, enjoyable and often came from unexpected places. The flow that comes from balance brings opportunity because you are opening yourself to the light, bright wisdom of the universe.

If you’ve ever been denied a promotion because people thought you were ALWAYS serious, or you had a challenge you couldn’t meet because you were too locked in on THINKING your way through it, then you know about needing to relax and open yourself to moments of ease, joy, and delight. You need those lighter feelings because not only do they reduce stress and make you feel good, they actually help you focus.

And now, after years of pushing myself to the limit, I’ve come to an awakening and I’m here to share it with you. Ready? Here it is:

Let your Freak Flag Fly! Cut loose! We all have one, we just have to have the courage to fly that sucker and show it to the world!!! Have fun with it and have a good time! Why not?

I give you permission to be yourself and enjoy your life. You deserve it!

Really, if you don’t think you have time to play, you need it more than anybody. Trust me on this.

And, as a bonus, through play you may find a creative spark that leads to a new business or fun side hustle. Why not make some money doing what you enjoy?

If it’s too weird to have a full night or weekend day of fun, start slowly. Watch your favorite comedian or funny dog video, take a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day, or pause to think about something that makes you smile and build from there. I promise you’ll be working hard AND playing hard in no time!