Why You Should Chase More than a Paycheck

Why You Should Chase More than a Paycheck

We all need a paycheck to provide for ourselves and our families, but who says that paycheck can’t come from something you’re passionate about and love doing? Take your passion and make it happen. Why? Because that’s what brings you money! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed this: real people chasing real dreams and finding real wealth. It’s not only possible, it’s really doable!

You don’t need to stay stuck in a career you don’t love to make money. In fact, staying in a place you feel unfulfilled is limiting you from reaching your full potential.

Find Your Passion

When you’re spending all your time working at a job that you don’t like or love, it disconnects you from your authentic self. It disconnects you from your heart, which will only leave you miles down the road with that boss you don’t like, coworkers you don’t like, missing the pay raises you want, and not getting the bonuses you want. On top of all that, life ends up being a bit more of a struggle overall, both inside and outside of work.

This is all because you’re investing your time and energy into something that doesn’t align with who you are, what you like, or what you want. What we really need to do is reconnect you with your heart and with your passion.

So, what are you passionate about?

A lot of people respond to this like, “Well, Julie, I need a paycheck to pay my bills.” And I get that. I truly get it. It can be scary to chase passions when all your life you’ve been taught to chase the paycheck first.

But there are many different seasons of life, and as we go through each of these seasons, sometimes there are different things that make us tick. There are different things that make us giggle in each season… so what is it for you, in this season? Why can’t that turn into a paycheck for you, or at least help your career be more fulfilling?

The older we get, the more we tend to get in tune with what’s really true for us from an authentic self. But sometimes we have to make room for ourselves to discover what’s true for us. We have to give ourselves the space to dream, otherwise we’ll stay stuck in the places we don’t love for all our remaining seasons.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

You can learn what feeds your soul and learn how to get paid for doing it. People everywhere who have careers in alignment with their soul’s purpose are earning large salaries, getting bonuses despite the economy, and loving every minute of their season. It’s time for you to love according to your authentic self: find what you love and are good at, then do it better than anyone else!

As I always say, let your freak flag fly and be in tune with that passion because that will align everything else in your life.

The Secret to Funding Your Dreams

The Secret to Funding Your Dreams

There are some hugely negative connotations in our culture today about constantly having new ideas and dreaming about your future. We’re pressed towards having a steady, life-long career regardless of how it makes us feel, making a lot of money, and that’s our culture’s definition of success… So why do I talk so much about what it means and how it feels to be a dreamer?

Because here’s the truth about dreaming: no dream is idle. As a dreamer, you are one of the lucky ones. You have the energy, openness, and creativity to allow dreams to manifest within you and become your new reality.

Dreaming and pursuing your dreams shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. There’s no denying that money affords opportunity, but I believe you can turn the money you have right now into a sustainable support for your dream. You’re not rich? Not a problem. I wasn’t either when I started my financial business. All you need is to find the root of your dream, be practical about where you invest your time and how you save, spend, and invest your money.

How to Find the Root of Your Dream

I want you to think back to your childhood and teenage years: what did you enjoy without prodding from your mom or dad, or school teachers? Maybe you had dance classes you couldn’t miss, an instrument you adored playing, or a hobby you’ve long forgotten about since then. Does your current work life reflect any of the things you used to enjoy?

As we grow older, we often look back on our dreams in childhood as simply child’s play. But what if they were more than that? Your current dreams today could be rooted in the hobbies you had as a child or teenager. The key to finding them is looking for what used to make you giggle.

Take a little time to explore where your big ideas are rooted. That doesn’t mean put your ballet toe shoes back on, but consider finding ways to get involved in an industry you used to love. Be open-minded. Follow your pursuits wherever they may take you and watch your personal judgement begin to rise.

Let it come up, then release it. This allows you to move forward rather than repeating the patterns that have kept you stuck for years.

Embrace the Risk (with some Practicality)

Regardless of its size, a risk is always scary. Pursuing your dreams, even if they’re a “safe” one, can be hugely intimidating. That intimidation is even worse when it’s a huge dream that might involve changing careers, starting a business, or changing your current lifestyle. You know what you want to happen, but you have no idea if the chaos that ensues along the way will lead to success.

Here’s the key: trust that when you follow your personal intuition, all will fall into perfect alignment.

Being financially stable, keeping a safe career, and making sure the risks are as small as possible might just prevent you from fully pursuing your dream. You know the saying, “You’re never going to be financially ready to have a child. Just do it and it’ll all work out.” Well, your dreams are the same.

You can maintain a sense of practicality and make a good plan for pursuing your dream, but there will never be zero risk involved in going after what you really want. If you keep getting ready to have enough savings before you make a forward move, you might never do it. So maybe now is the time to just do it. There’s no time like the present.

It’s Time to Awaken Your Work Life

Funding your dreams and creating a work life you thoroughly enjoy doesn’t have to be a huge, impossible task. Maybe it means starting your own business and pursuing your own separate dream, but maybe it means talking to your boss and asking for different projects, changing positions, or even changing companies.

Don’t believe the lie that pursuing dreams is only for the rich. You simply have to create a situation that allows you to build wealth while building your dreams. Stop thinking of them as separate. If you need extra help braving your risks, finding your dreams, or funding your dreams, join me for our Awaken Your Work Life livestream the first Wednesday of the month at 11am CST. It’s time to Awaken Your Work Life and fund your dreams.

How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life

How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life

Tell me if you can relate… Are you feeling stuck in a job that isn’t satisfying, perhaps one that’s not taking you anywhere you truly want to go? Maybe you don’t know what to do about it or how to change? Do you find yourself hating your work and feeling stuck there? 

I encounter this a lot in my own work, and believe it or not, it’s not only people who are financially strapped with stories similar to these. No matter the amount of money in a 401k and other savings, any one of us can look up one day to find ourselves decades-deep in a less-than-desirable job situation without a clue for how to escape.

The job landscape is transforming before our eyes, forcing a lot of people to take jobs they don’t love simply to get by financially. Others of us are staying in jobs we don’t like to maintain a lifestyle we were once convinced we wanted, but now all this “just getting by” is making us feel like another drone in the system. 

If you can relate to any of this, it’s time to make a change.

How to Go from Employee to CEO of Your Life

Look at what you can do right now

Don’t put this off until tomorrow, or next week, or in a few months when you hope you’ll have a little more savings and security. Face it today, at this very moment, because transforming your life from something you hate to everything you could dream of might be much simpler than you think. Plus, you’re important enough to pay attention to how you’re feeling.

Think about what you can do right now to improve your situation. It could be asking your boss for projects you would prefer to work on, or if you can have the freedom to draft up a project yourself that might be taken into consideration. It could be monetizing a hobby you love until it grows serious enough to support you. It could simply be adding more things you enjoy to your regular routine, like hiking, beach trips, or more outings with your family.

Don’t focus all on the money

If you only ever look at the financial side of what you spend your life doing, you’ll miss out on so many other amazing opportunities. Isn’t finances a lot to blame for getting you into your current situation, after all? When we focus only on money, we disconnect ourselves from what we truly want: our dream life. Yes, money is important, but so are so many more things. What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never given yourself the space to do? What if you gave yourself the freedom to deeply explore some of those things?

Be proactive

Nothing is going to change if you don’t first choose to make it change. You have to be proactive for your job situation to improve. This may mean looking at job boards, cold-calling companies you’d be interested in working for, asking friends for recommendations, talking to your boss about switching up your current responsibilities, or whatever else is action for your situation.

You have to start somewhere, try things, and experiment a little. You could end up being dead wrong in what you think you want, but you can’t be sure unless you try. Trying and failing is so much better than sitting, doing nothing, and staying unhappy.

Consistent small steps lead to a big action

Here’s the truth of things: you probably won’t get out of your situation tomorrow, find yourself the perfect job tomorrow, and only ever chase your dream tomorrow. Some things take time and exploration, but they all start by realizing you need to do some thingseven little thingsto change your circumstances for the better. I know it may be intimidating at first, even scary. I was terrified when I first opened up my own business. But it only takes a few small steps a day to make a huge, positive difference in your life. 

So start. Take those small steps, and always remember that this is your path, your life, your journey… and it’s your time to become CEO of your own life.

What To Do If It Feels Too Late to Chase Your Dream

What To Do If It Feels Too Late to Chase Your Dream

So many of us are afraid that it’s too late to start after our dreams or too late to leap towards the life we want, that we end up stuck in place. I get this or similar questions a lot: “Julie, I have a lot of dreams. Is it crazy to make the leap later in life? I’m feeling frozen…”

I think it’s never too late, and let me tell you why.

Take Advantage of Your Time

Once, I had a 72-year-old client go back to law school because he regretted not having done it in his youth. For years before that, however, we would talk about it. I would ask him, “You know, what are you going to do with all this money? Get busy living or get busy dying,” but for years, he put it off.

He kept coming in for his appointment and I’d ask him if he took the LSAT yet, or if he’d gotten into law school yet, or if he’d started taking classes yet. Not attending law school was one of his biggest regrets, but for a long time, he felt like it was too late to change anything about it.

Then one day, about three years later, that client walked into my office and slapped his acceptance letter into law school on my desk. He hadn’t even told me that he’d taken the LSAT or that he’d applied. But he got accepted, and then he continued to practice law until he was 86 years old, taking full advantage of what time he did have rather than regretting the time passed.

Enjoy Each Chapter

I really, truly believe we go through different chapters in our lives where different things are meant to happen. The question we all have to answer for ourselves is, “What will make me giggle in this part of my chapter?” And then we must strive for that and not worry about all the distractions.

You see, I could beat myself up all day about how I’m paying alimony, how I’m the only one paying for my kids’ private education in Chicago, or how I’ll be the only one who’s going to pay for their college. I could beat myself up for all of the things in life that haven’t gone perfectly, but heck no! What a waste of time and energy. Instead, I’m going to live exactly the life I want to live and continue to grow and expand, because that’s life and that’s truly loving yourself.

It’s Never Too Late to Leap

It is absolutely never too late to go after the thing you want. The only way it’ll be too late is if you don’t do it, and you keep not doing it, because then you’ll allow disease to develop in your body from not aligning yourself with your dreams. For women, it so often shows up as breast cancer, and for men, colon or prostate cancer.

Deepak Chopra, a powerful alternative-medicine advocate, once said, “A cancer cell develops because that cell has lost its sense of purpose.” Stop putting off your purpose because you’re convinced it’s “too late.”

So often in life, we don’t live up to the life we love as our lives evolve, and disease is the physical aspect of this misalignment and is often the last to show up. It shows up in your money as well, trust me!

If you hate the job you have, then chances are you’re not going to get the pay raise you want, or the bonuses you need. Instead, you’re going to be the one worrying about layoffs and at some point, if your life is really supposed to move in a different direction, your boss will do it for you, getting you to resign at 57-years-old. Then you’ll really be worried about getting a job but deep down you’ll know you should have quit ten years ago.

Choose Your Path

Life always finds a way, just like Nature finds a way to heal with a pandemic. Either you’ll find the courage to take a leap towards what you want before the crisis hits… or the crisis is going to come. You get to choose your path, so choose from a place of empowerment.

The Secret Behind Manifesting Your Dreams

The Secret Behind
Manifesting Your Dreams

Here’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately… Julie, how can I dream about the next steps of my life when I feel so stuck where I am?

Honestly, it all boils down to self love. You have to see your worth, and then you have to start dreaming where you can.

Focus on the Beginning

I know for a fact that we as humans do not have to call in a crisis to actually create our shift and manifest our dreams. We just have to start, even if it means starting small. Maybe the dreams are teeny tiny at first, usually because that’s all we can do at the moment, but once you really start manifesting your dreams, you start to open things up and those dreams only get bigger and bigger.

Your life is worth it. I have watched so many people create disease in their bodies because they’re not following what their dreams are or pursuing their deepest desires. Not all of us know what our true dreams are, so just focus on where it starts. Maybe you just need to make the list of the relationship you want to be in or the job you would really desire. Put it up on the fridge, your car, or wherever you will see it regularly and remember.

I talk with people all the time who want to be in such great relationships but are struggling, so I ask them, “Where’s the list? Where’s the list of attributes we’ve talked about that you want in a relationship?” 

Usually they respond saying, “Well, it’s buried somewhere in my desk,” to which I can only respond:  then it’s no wonder the dream you want is buried away in real life.

You have to put it front and center in your awareness. You have to begin to dream if you want to get unstuck and you have to keep centered in your awareness.

You Are Worth It

At the end of the day, it really boils down to self love and self care. If you’re having a hard time  dreaming, do those little things every day that will help remind you how important you are, even if it’s just a walk in the park, a salt bath, or a nutritious meal. There were certainly days when I was going through my divorce where I could barely step my foot into the tub, but I poured my salts in there and I did it anyway. I told myself, “This is my self love exercise for the day,” and it helped me open back up. It helped me find bigger dreams.

You have to do those itty bitty things so you can start opening up the dream again, because you matter.