You may be considering divorcing your spouse, friendship, parents, siblings, co-workers or other relationships that are causing you to suffer. How do we know when the time is right? Or is it right? All we know on the inside is that something is not working for you at that moment of time. We put up with continual behaviors and patterns for far too long. Why do we stay? We stay because of the stories and roles we have played that are familiar and it’s easier to stay with what we know versus venturing out into the unknown. It takes a lot of courage to push out of our personal patterning. Again, it’s the stories that keep us stuck.

Stories, stories, stories……this is how we play out our lives. Many times the stories we tell ourselves come from our experiences in life and the experiences of the generations before us. This week, I was reminded about how when we interface with others, especially long term relationships, whether be spouse, family or otherwise, many times we follow our conditioning as opposed to our authentic selves. Many times these stories cause us to suffer keeping us from moving forward.

I have seen countless times when a relationship is not working, and when one of the parties just makes it an option to be willing to leave, it shifts the entire relationship. You have to be WILLING to leave. Be willing to change. Be willing to invite in the new. Why? Because you will stop suffering and you will respond differently to things in life. When you are willing to walk away, it actually frees everyone involved. And, as a side note, this also shifts people financially too.

Many people don’t get divorced because they are afraid of what the financials look on the other side of a divorce. I can tell you, I’ve had client after client tell me they were afraid of what their financial reality will be on the other side. What we need to realize in this process, is that you are left with you on the other side. Yes, you and only you. And when you have no one else to point the finger at, you will be forced to look in your own mirror. The only thing I’ve watched people fear is when they are choosing not to be the best version of themselves. We chose to blame your spouse for why you are stuck, shame your family for not being different, guilt your kids for not filling your expectations and judge them all – your spouse, boss, sibling, parents, etc, but that only works for so long. If you’ve spent a lifetime doing this, then you will keep chasing and never feel whole within yourself. And to top it off on some level you will always financially struggle. Some to it by repeating the debt cycle over and over again. Some do it by having to split their money from divorce, or a failing business, or getting laid off, etc. All situations that have cash walking out the door as opposed to growing and being abundant.

If on the flipside, if you’re like me, you may have been the one that has constantly interfered with other people lives by doing too much for them, your kids, employees, your spouse, your siblings and even in some cases your parents. When you don’t allow others to have the full experience of what they are choosing in the world, they can’t evolve to be the best version of themselves. We do it to “do the right thing” or “to help support them when they are down” and in reality, we are crippling them more the more we bail them out. When one gives too much to others, and not in alignment with them on every level, it is accompanied by expectations being set. Expectations of how those people should act in return and this comes from the fact that you on some level feel put out. When I’ve done this in the past, particularly with my siblings, it only created more suffering for me.

I had an experience one day that taught me that I didn’t necessarily need to divorce my siblings, but I needed to release all expectations and I needed to stop giving so much because I felt put out. This often caused me to get physically sick as well, could have been as easy as a cold or as bad as being laid out for a week or two with the flu. It took me a while to realize this really had nothing to do with my siblings, it had everything to do with little old me. I was continuing this pattern to keep my story alive. My childhood put me in a parenting role with my siblings being the 2nd oldest of 12 children. It naturally just happened that way. A gift my childhood gave me was the skills to run a successful business today. The shadow side was that I needed to learn to just keep busy being myself and doing my soul work in the world. I did so by staying in a place of being an observer and listener, not problem solver, when it came to the interface with my siblings. And when I felt a certain way, I communicated it, but steered clear of telling them what I think because that just meant I fell back into being a problem solver for them. By doing so, this has freed me and freed them at the same time.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What suffering patterns do you see over and over again in your relationship that you are considering a divorce?
  • How have you participated?
  • If someone is pressing your buttons, it’s really about something that needs to shift within yourself. What are those buttons that need to be healed within you?
  • What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

How does this all fit into money? Well, when you participate in relationships that are operating from a place of scarcity, struggle, or suffering, there’s no way full abundance can come your way in all areas of your life, including financials. That is why this is important as you do self-reflection; you need to consider all areas of your life to look at Personal, Financial, Family, and Work Life. If one wants to shift, stop repeating patterns, or improve their financial lives, one must address all the emotions going on inside their lives as a whole, otherwise you will ebb and flow and all will stay approximately the same, unless you give yourself the gift of your own emotional freedom and choose to change those patterns of suffering.

Choose You! Choose to Divorce or Release unhealthy relationships! Just start shifting one of those relationships this week. Express gratitude for that person in your life and what they have given you and gratitude for what they will give you in this divorce process. Send them love and light along the way.