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Awaken Your Wealth: Creating a PACT to Optimize Your Money and Your Life

By Julie M. Murphy, CFP®

In her new book, Awaken Your Wealth, Julie explores behavioral finance and tells how she developed PACT™ from her own personal experiences. She explains her easy to understand four-step PACT™ process that can help you clear out unwanted money habits and chart a course toward a future you desire.

The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out
By Julie M. Murphy, CFP®

Julie Murphy has studied the emotional connection between people and their money—their income, spending habits, and savings—for the past decade. And, for the last nine years, she has been working to build the wealth of large and small clients in her own practice. This experience allows her to offer people of all ages and financial status the benefit of her deep insights and comprehensive understanding of the interplay of the personal, emotional and financial attitudes and how they are linked.

Awaken Your Wealth

Online Course


In these easy-to-follow video lessons, Julie introduces you to the tools you need to take control of your finances and build the future you desire. In this exclusive online course, you will break through emotional and financial obstacles while healing your financial past. You’ll learn steps to strategic debt reduction and discover how to make wise money choices that create financial stability. A renewed confidence in managing your money will grow as you build real wealth.
  • 4+ Hours of on-demand video
  • 3 Downloadable worksheets to support your growth
  • 2 Activity guides
  • Transcripts of each lesson
  • Access on mobile and lap or desktop


Julie provides a fresh perspective on financial freedom and a proven path to get there. Filled with relatable stories, words of wisdom, questionnaires and specific actions you can take, Awaken Your Wealth is a treasure for anyone who wants to transform their relationship with money.

Vanessa Bradley

Awaken Your Wealth is a powerful roadmap to prosperity, thanks to specific steps that allow us to heal any dysfunction in our relationship with our finances that may be subconsciously preventing us from living the life of our dreams. I devoured Awaken Your Wealth! Creating a PACT to Optimize Your Money and Your Life, and am now actively engaged in following the PACT.

Judy Katz

This is one of the best books (financial or otherwise) I have ever read. This book is so engaging and easy to read, yet chock full of so much practical, doable, actionable information that you almost don’t realize how much you are actually learning. It sneaks up on you. Anyone whom is interested in a healthy and happy lifestyle should read this book ASAP.

Mindy Nedwick

Financial abundance begins HERE.
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