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Resources for You to Embody Real Wealth

Sacred Powers
The Call to Calm

Panache Desai

The Call to Calm sessions are designed to give us the daily support we need during these challenging times. During each session, Panache will reconnect you to the calm, the presence, and the potential that exists within you and that can act as a counterbalance to all of the fear, panic, and uncertainty that currently engulfs the world. We urge you to take advantage of this extraordinary avenue of support available to us during this global crisis.

The Call to Calm opportunities include:

Daily 11:00-12:00 pm ET – A live Group Activation and Alignment Session ( $33 per session ) Register Here For 11AM ET Activation and Alignment Sessions

Multiple Days Each Week 1:00-2:30 pm ET – A 90 to 120-minute Interactive Small Group Session ( $222 per session ) Register Here For Interactive Small Group Sessions

Every day, Sunday through Saturday Panache will be there for you; giving you the guidance and vibrational support that you need to move beyond survival and the stress, fear, and anxiety you are experiencing right now, toward a place of less reactivity and eventually… peace.

You must register to claim your space using Zoom technology. Now is the time to fill yourself and those around you with light, strength,and courage. Humanity Rising encourages you to answer Panache’s Call to Calm.

Sacred Powers
Beyond Blind Spots

Karyn Pettigrew

Karyn is an intuitive business strategist, coach, author and speaker who has been merging diverse corporate work experience with years of metaphysical training to work with entrepreneurs. Her process is called the Soul Code Method where she guides entrepreneurs to align their passion into product and profit using the wisdom from their soul. You already have what you need to create your heart’s desire. The Soul Code Method is the path for revealing it.

Sacred Powers
Sacred Powers

David Ji

davidji is an AMAZING spiritual warrior who has helped me to significantly expand my meditation practice and hear my inner guidance. I highly recommend his new book Sacred Powers. In it, davidji offers his five time-tested principles to awakening transformation so you can ground yourself, gain clarity, make life-affirming decisions, step into your power, and soar! He believes as I do that this moment is a defining moment. This is the time you can make the most powerful decision of your life!
Sacred Powers

Rita Hickman – LMT, MA, BS

Rita Hickman

Living a healthful life shouldn’t be as hard as it seems these days… so why is it? If you’ve been feeling like your life is controlling you lately, rather than the other way around, then maybe it’s time for change. Rita Hickman shares all about basic health and how it makes us feel. She teaches about body memories, the nervous system, the connections between our emotions and health, and so much more, all so that you don’t need to settle for temporary fixes and can have real, long-lasting healing. After decades of studying ancient healing methods and rewiring her own painful childhood and traumas, Rita is sharing her expertise and is ready to help you take control of your life. Get ready to change the world!
Sacred Powers

David Gilardy – Soul Activator

David Gilardy

If you’re ready to activate the next steps of your life and utterly transform, then know you’re in precisely the right place! If you’re searching for a deeper meaning or purpose to life, or if you feel as though your life could be more fulfilling, then you’re ready to cross over the bridge into finding what your soul is yearning for. David Gilardy is a gifted healer and energy worker who helps people remember their purpose and activate their soul. He helped me get in tune with what my soul is here to do and what my life is all about and I think he can help you, too. Look forward to the coming weeks as David and I begin providing group sessions. Working with David is a wild ride, but the results are nothing short of amazing!
Feminine Power Time
Feminine Power Time

Christine Arylo

What a joy it was to join my dear friend and Women’s Leadership Advisor, Christine Arylo for her Feminine Power Time Podcast. It’s time to fertilize your REAL WEALTH… which is not how we’ve been conditioned to think about money.

In this podcast, Christine & I take an expansive, deep dive into a part of our power that we must redefine and reclaim. Tune in! You deserve to have the life force and resources to thrive + create the impact you desire in your life.

Unplugging Your Inner Patriarchy Lucia Rene
Unplugging the Patriarchy

Lucia René

Unplugging Your Inner Patriarchy is a wild ride and one of my favorite books! Lucia René has written a fascinating story about the journey of 3 mystics who battle against a hidden energetic power structure that controls our world. The book explores intriguing concepts around power, consciousness, and ending a patriarchal system that’s out of control. I guarantee, this book is packed with brain food to nurture your thinking! It asks us all to consider how we plug into a destructive patriarchal system and expresses a passionate call to draw on the divine feminine to live a balanced, heart centered life and heal the world.
The Climb Logo
The Climb Podcast

Jennifer Weigel and Marcia Kimpton

Want to know how to get to the top? On THE CLIMB, podcast journalist Jennifer Weigel and filmmaker Marcia Kimpton invite industry leaders to tell how they got ahead, and share tips and advice on how you can also produce incredible results in your life. I had a blast talking with these incredible women and sharing stories. I invite you to listen to my episode on the energy of money and how to create abundance, and to check out their other amazing guests.
Four Agreement
The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is a book of great meaning for me. Reading it reminds me to stay connected to my values and live my life as honestly as I can. The agreements are simple, but aren’t always easy to follow: Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions, Always do your best. The agreements guide me away from needless suffering and toward an opportunity to live freely and with an open heart.
Kelly Howell
Brain Sync

Kelly Howell

Since we are talking about the balance between work and play, a tool that could help you achieve that state of harmony is Kelly Howell’s Brain Sync. I know that integrating the left-brain, logical financial approach with right-brain creativity and innovation will enable you to pursue sustainable outcomes in all areas of your life. And the beauty of this resource is, all you need to do is relax and listen to Howell’s phenomenal mediations. When I’m feeling a little off center or want to shift something in my life, I fire up one of her mediations and immediately feel better and it gets me in energetic alignment for what I want to create in my life.
Kelly Howell

A Message from Dr. Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, MD

This is an unprecedented time, a once in 100-year pandemic. A time for us to be level-headed, open-hearted, and focused on what we can do to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country, and be kind to each other. A time to hunker down with family, to take care of ourselves, to cook, and cherish the people and things we love. The more we can face the threat with calm and kindness, the better able we will be to survive and thrive.

The threat is to our health and to our economy. We have weathered worse as a nation including two World Wars and The Great Depression with far greater devastation and death (although not on our soil). There will be loss and loss of life, but we will emerge in 12-18 months with a new vaccine, new medications and treatment options, and more widespread immunity.

COVID-19, the viral disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is a global pandemic. Scientists estimate that 40% to 70% of our population will be affected. Those with a chronic disease will face a greater threat. In some cases, they will be affected ten times more than the rest of the population, underscoring the need to protect this vulnerable group. Additionally, the mortality rate estimates range from 0.6% to 4% percent and is much higher in people over 75 years old.

Nahum Vizakis — Spiritual Bodybuilder

Nahum Vizakis

We’ve all heard about the importance of physical bodily health and are familiar with exercising our body to build strength and endurance… but what about building up our spiritual strength? If you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually exhausted, then it’s time to exercise yourself in a brand new way. Justin Nahum Vizakis first discovered his mission as an Empath while experiencing his “Spiritual Awakening” in Iraq. After studying healers, Shamans, and mentors from all over the world, he’s here to help you discover your untapped energies, heal yourself, expand your consciousness and find your purpose.

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“Julie is a powerful and unwavering advocate for personal and financial empowerment of all people. A bright light in her field, I believe that her work has the ability to transform millions. I’m honored to know her and to be able to call her my friend.”
“Awaken Your Wealth is a powerful roadmap to prosperity, thanks to specific steps that allow us to heal any dysfunction in our relationship with our finances that may be subconsciously preventing us from living the life of our dreams. I devoured Awaken Your Wealth! Creating a PACT to Optimize Your Money and Your Life, and am now actively engaged in following the PACT.”
“Julie is a powerful, authentic expression of wealth consciousness. Hav­ing mastered her own money relationship, she brilliantly shares her signature real-world techniques to awaken financial freedom & personal transformation in the lives of others.”

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