Finding your inner guidance is about learning to trust your gut feeling. But connecting to that signal can be a little tricky because we are bombarded with internal and external information all day every day. 

I love to sail, and trying to find the right direction (or signal) on open waters I use a nautical map. If you’ve never seen one before, the map is covered with lines of information going every different direction. Ultimately, when you learn to interpret the lines and focus on the important ones, they will guide you to where you want to go. This is similar to tapping into your inner guidance. You can use meditation, journaling, reflection, or dream work to create your map of inner knowing to direct you on your life’s journey.

I followed my inner guidance in writing my books. I never planned on being an author. I was a finance major in college, so writing books wasn’t on my radar. But my intuition started tugging at me. I knew that I needed to write a book about people’s relationship with money and how their emotions affect it. I was nervous, but I trusted my intuition. It lead me to write and publish The Emotion Behind Money. Later, when I was drawn to write Awaken Your Wealth, my inner knowing directed me to create a step-by-step process to guide people toward improving their finances and every aspect of their lives. I have been humbled by the positive response and numerous comments about how my advice is helping people to financially heal themselves. 

Acting on your passions

I believe that when you set yourself on your life’s purpose, doors fly open. And I am the prime example of that. I’m a money person and never planned on writing books. But when I let go of the resistance and followed my intuition, a whole new slew of opportunities came my way. Just because I haven’t always considered myself a writer, it doesn’t mean I don’t have valuable information to share. And just because you may not be a financial professional doesn’t mean you can’t be financially savvy with what you have.

Your true calling

Maybe there’s something that has been nagging away at you. You’ve got a great idea for a business but haven’t acted on it. Or you’ve dreamt of moving to another country but have found reasons why it’s not possible. Whatever it is you think you can’t achieve, I’m telling you that you can. Writing books wasn’t part of my financial training, yet what I have written continues to help countless people heal their issues with money. When you set your intentions on your soul’s purpose, you are on the right path towards a fulfilling life.

Avoiding the crabs in your bucket

Once you have figured out what you want and start acting on it, opportunities will arise. People will see what you’re doing and offer to help you get to where you’re trying to go. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any setbacks on the way to your ultimate goal. When things are going well, the crabs in your bucket tend to ramp it up. They try to plant seeds of doubt to trip you up. Sometimes, we let those words discourage us. Even when we’ve been plugging away and finding success, the crabs can still have a negative effect on us.

Be encouraged

No matter what your goals are, know that it is possible. If you want to buy a home this year, you can do it with some planning (and some help with automated savings). If you want to write a book, set an hour of your day aside just for writing. And if you want to create the exact career you want so you can have a fulfilling work life, you can do that too. Maintain your focus on your intuition and follow your true desires; you’ll be on your way to having the exact life you crave.


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