Over the course of my career as a Financial Health Advisor, I discovered something that was never taught in business school: each of us has our own unique and personal relationship with money...]

It begins even before you get your first piggy bank and over the years it changes very little. It may evolve ever so slightly, but for the most part, your feelings toward money and your relationship to financial health are imprinted from birth.

This will influence how much money you’ll make throughout your entire life. [more…]

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Awaken Your Wealth:

Creating a PACT® to Optimize

Your Money and Your Life

Awaken Your Wealth: Creating a PACT® to Optimize Your Money and Your Life

It’s time to choose YOU!!! Start from a place that feeds your soul, your life, and your pocketbook. Discover your answers to transform your financial reality and find what aligns with you to move toward financial health, sustainable prosperity and, finally, financial abundance.

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