Did you raise your hand and scream, “I AM!

If you’re like most of us, before you can have fun and shake your sillies out, you probably feel like you need to squeeze in a few more minutes of work before you play. With your computer screen, phablet, tablet, or smartphone always on and filled with things to do, it’s hard to unplug and break away.

And of course, if you do get away from your job responsibilities, you may still need to pick up the kids, help with homework, cook dinner, wash clothes, check the mail and pay some bills. Phew!

If that describes you, then you, my friend, have joined the American cult of “Work Yourself Ragged.” The problem is, being exhausted and not taking time to refresh diminishes your creativity, and cuts into your productivity. And that can cost you money.

I know, because once upon a time I was more raggedy than Ann and Andy put together! (You know, the dolls? Okay, that’s a bad joke, but they are cultural icons and me and my sister had one of each when we were kids. Anyway . . .)

When I started my business, my type A personality was more like AAA+++. I was fully plugged into my belief that I had to constantly drive HARD to get ahead in this all go, no stop world.

I was COMPLETELY focused on serving my clients and making money for them and me. This was great, but I later realized that I was leaving money on the table. I didn’t understand that without a little fun, I could not be fully tuned into my client’s needs or my own. I spent a lot of time recreating the wheel because I didn’t slow down enough to relax, take a break, and get into the flow – that spot where problem-solving is easy, enjoyable and often came from unexpected places. The flow that comes from balance brings opportunity because you are opening yourself to the light, bright wisdom of the universe.

If you’ve ever been denied a promotion because people thought you were ALWAYS serious, or you had a challenge you couldn’t meet because you were too locked in on THINKING your way through it, then you know about needing to relax and open yourself to moments of ease, joy, and delight. You need those lighter feelings because not only do they reduce stress and make you feel good, they actually help you focus.

And now, after years of pushing myself to the limit, I’ve come to an awakening and I’m here to share it with you. Ready? Here it is:

Let your Freak Flag Fly! Cut loose! We all have one, we just have to have the courage to fly that sucker and show it to the world!!! Have fun with it and have a good time! Why not?

I give you permission to be yourself and enjoy your life. You deserve it!

Really, if you don’t think you have time to play, you need it more than anybody. Trust me on this.

And, as a bonus, through play you may find a creative spark that leads to a new business or fun side hustle. Why not make some money doing what you enjoy?

If it’s too weird to have a full night or weekend day of fun, start slowly. Watch your favorite comedian or funny dog video, take a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day, or pause to think about something that makes you smile and build from there. I promise you’ll be working hard AND playing hard in no time!


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