I’ve spent the last two weeks talking about looking within yourself to improve your finances. Your attitude inventory told you where you are right now mindset-wise, and then you dug a little deeper to see where exactly those feelings came from.

This week, I want to touch on something I’ve discussed before: financial karma. Many people – including myself – believe that “you get what you give” in life. The Hindu concept says that the choices we make have consequences, and we face those consequences daily. How true is this? Well, think about the past choices you’ve made with money. The financial situation you are currently in is probably a direct result of your past choices.

Controlling your financial reality is very tied up in the whole idea of karma. Yes, your past choices determine where you are right now. And, if those choices weren’t great, you may be in a place of negativity resulting from your finances. Now you feel like “why even bother?” with your money. After all, you’re so far in debt that there’s no point in trying to get out of it, right?


It doesn’t have to be this way.  I believe that karma is more than a past-and-future thing; I believe that the choices you make right now – in the present – can result in positive changes immediately.

Financially, there are choices you can make right now that can bring immediate positivity.  One is automating your savings.  No amount is too small to automatically transfer to an interest-bearing savings account; something is better than nothing! Watching that savings grow each week is an encouraging site in your present and an awesome thing for your future.

Another way to change your financial karma right now? Take a look at your spending. Look at your bank account and see exactly where your money is going. Just seeing what you spend money on – and seeing what you spend on unnecessarily – is enough for most people to be more mindful of swiping their credit cards.

And finally, cut 5%. That’s it; just cut 5% of your spending each month and put it in a special account. Maybe you start saving for a home but aren’t quite ready to buy one yet. Or you want to start your own business in a year. The simplest way to make these things happen – to change your financial and personal karma – is to be proactive.

The way your finances are right now doesn’t have to define who you are in the present or where you will be in the future. Simple daily or weekly changes can move you in a more positive direction, giving you more confidence in yourself and a better financial karma.