Money makes the world go round. We love it, we hate it, we have plenty, or we’re always looking for more of it. Money comes to us with such polarity. Money is the center of many divorces. Money is the culprit that instigates countries to fight over who owns the China Sea, or who owns this land or that land. Money is used for power. It also, gives us freedom of choice.

No wonder we are all so messed up around money. We even created fake money, credit. Credit is the illusion that you actually have money to spend and all it does is trap you in the life you have or the more challenging one you are creating for yourself in the future. Credit to most people today is a led balloon.

Over 70% of the world has no interest or negative interest on their money. Think about that! You put your money in the bank for one year and when you take it back out, you get less. That my friends is negative interest rates. If you’re one of those people that lives in a place where that isn’t the case like here in the United States, if you think you’re immune to what the ripple effect of this will be in our global economy, you are surely mistaken.

I was asked when I was up on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. by a few congressmen and congresswomen, how do we get Americans to save more money? I told them, “you’re asking the wrong question.” They looked at me with this puzzled look on their faces. I said, there is no way you can get people to think and act to save for their future when they are so stuck in their past financial decisions. Those past financial decisions are sitting on the balances of all their credit cards, student loan debt, car loans, personal loans, debt consolidation loans, 401k loans, etc.

It all starts with a compelling reason to change, something that makes us want a different reality then what we have. In my book, Awaken Your Wealth, we will walk you through what that is for you. I will guide you with exercises, case studies and success stories, to help you create what you desire in your life and reboot your relationship to money in what promotes the life you want today.

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